Assembly Square Neighborhood Planning Process

As of late 2019, the City of Somerville has developed four neighborhood plans through the Somerville by Design process, with a fifth plan for the Davis Square neighborhood and station area released for public review and comment on July 19, 2019. These plans began with the larger goals established by public involvement in the city-wide comprehensive visioning process that led to the SomerVision plan, and sought to identify strategies for each of those neighborhoods to achieve their local goals while contributing to the health and success of the city as a whole. For all of these plans, the challenge has been to manage the pressure of new growth within the tightly built fabric of Somerville’s existing neighborhoods.

The Assembly Square neighborhood planning process will be unusual for the City of Somerville. Where in other areas the challenge faced by Planning Staff has been to preserve and enhance the most desirable characteristics and potential of an existing neighborhood, work in Assembly Square will be focused on realizing the full promise of this Transformational Area, establishing the urban design framework for a new neighborhood within the needs and pressures of what is becoming one of Somerville’s major new Regional Centers. This effort will rest heavily on assessing the status of current infrastructure with an eye toward establishing the new street level and subsurface improvements necessary to provide support for expected new growth.

In recognition of the scale and complexity of these challenges, the City of Somerville will be seeking a well-qualified, multi-disciplinary planning consultant team to undertake the work of developing a neighborhood plan for the Assembly Square Neighborhood and Transit Area in conjunction with and under the direction of Planning Staff. This process will get underway with the release of a request for proposals in late summer 2019. The public process is expected to begin with a series of meetings and presentations in Fall 2019, with the expectation that a draft of the new plan will be available for public comment by late 2020.

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