Brickbottom Vision Plan

Current planning efforts for Brickbottom aim to produce a Vision Plan for the development of the area, which will inform infrastructure investments by the City while serving as a precursor to specific zoning changes that will enable new construction. It will primarily focus on the future physical design of streets and parks as well the shape, size, and architectural character of new buildings. If there is a Master Planned Development overlay district for Brickbottom in the future, this Vision Plan will inform or become the Urban Design Framework that the Planning Board would adopt to enable it.

Brickbottom is identified as an area to transform by SomerVision, the City’s comprehensive plan, so we intend is to enable extensive change in the area, creating new possibilities for housing, civic spaces, and commercial development.

Please visit our SomerVoice page for the latest news and ways to engage with this project, and email with any questions.

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