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Pin-Up Ideas

This is the first of multiple posts covering all of the ideas generated at the Somerville by Design: East Somerville Design Charrette that was held September 30 – October 2, 2013. We have numbered all of the images so that it is easier to reference them when providing feedback.

Feedback should be provided using the comments section below to facilitate discussion among the entire community of East Somerville for each idea presented. For any further questions, please contact the Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development at 617-625-6600.


Participants in the East Somerville Visioning Sessions identified several opportunities for improved connections between East Somerville and surrounding neighborhoods. The Assembly Square Drive underpass was recently improved with a mural and better lighting. However, the remaining conditions are decrepit and not pedestrian friendly.

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The following idea is intended to illustrate possibilities for improving pedestrian connections to East Somerville from surrounding areas. The images are examples of this type of intervention from around the country.


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East Somerville has 5 underpasses that connect the area with other neighborhoods of Somerville and Boston. Bringing “character” to neighborhood underpasses will address the various concerns heard in the visioning exercises. At their current state the underpasses are unsafe due to the lack of lighting, pedestrian access, perceived structural integrity, and visual access. In the concept images above, lighting is used as a design element to provide wayfinding and security to pedestrians.

This type of intervention could also leverage the strong artist community in Somerville to implement unique installations that would not only provide greater accessibility and help pedestrians feel safer, but also welcome visitors as they arrive to the neighborhood and contribute to a sense of place for East Somerville. This project could also incorporate the recent work completed by East Somerville Main Streets to create a unique branding for Broadway through East Somerville.

You can learn more about the effort at branding East Broadway at: http://bit.ly/1e3y6wJ

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  1. Bill Ritchotte

    LOVE love love this idea. Would love to help make sure it gets done.

  2. Christine Alvarado

    I am concerned that the lights depicted by the designs could be harmful (many people have light sensitivities). It may be better to use normal lighting (in color and spectrum) to address the visibility issues without being a liability.

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