Winter Hill Design Charrette: Day 3

Pin-Up Capture - Title

We are pleased to provide video footage of the Somerville by Design: Winter Hill “Pin-Up Presentation” at the Healey School, courtesy of Somerville City Cable.

On Wednesday, October 29th, our design team finished up our three-day open studio event at 328 Broadway, and presented all of the ideas in a formal presentation format. By the end of this three-day period, we had drawn up more than 50 unique ideas related to public space, the business environment, pedestrian accessibility, and housing. Each idea was meant to explore challenges or opportunities that Winter Hill residents had raised during our Visioning Session in September, or during the three-day design charrette.

Participants at the “Pin-Up” event were given survey forms and asked to rank and comment on the different ideas that had been explored during the charrette. The video linked here is about one hour long, but you can easily fast forward and rewind to break it up. It provides a great summary of our work to date.

We will be posting a digital version of the survey over the next couple of days, and we encourage you to provide comments, feedback and questions. This feedback helps us focus our efforts on the ideas that people are most interested in. We will be back in the neighborhood on January 15th, 2014 for another round of public engagement, so as always, stay tuned to this website for more information.

Thanks for your involvement in this community planning process!  A list of older posts is included here for your reference:

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