Draft Innerbelt / Brickbottom Plan

We are pleased to announce that the draft Innerbelt / Brickbottom Plan is ready for public review!  This plan is based on a three-year process of community meetings and focus group sessions with property owners, businesspersons and community groups. The process was closely coordinated with regional initiatives, including the MBTA’s Green Line Extension project, MassDOT’s Grounding McGrath study, the City of Boston’s Sullivan Square planning and the City of Cambridge’s North Point project.

The goal is to help coordinate public and private investment in this 100-acre district. The SomerVision Comprehensive Plan calls for thousands of new jobs, new housing choices, and major new open spaces to be added in the Innerbelt and Brickbottom areas over the next couple of decades.  A district plan will help guide this growth and maximize public benefit.

Comments on the draft plan can be made on this blog interface, and they can be emailed to planning@somervillema.gov. Our staff have been walking through the document with business owners, landlords and community groups over the past month. We will collect all feedback and make changes to the draft plan over the winter.

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