Central Broadway: Landscape Design Development

As the future design of the Central Broadway Streetscape Improvements takes shape, one key factor the team will develop is landscape design. Central Broadway project team member, Jay Emperor of Pressley Associates, notes that when you design landscape architecture for public projects it is about being creative inside the box – within the constraints of physical sites, budgets, materials

Central Broadway Recap: Realizing Potential

Last week on September 10th, residents, business owners, elected officials, and project team members gathered for the second public meeting on the Central Broadway Streetscape to look at some exciting preliminary concepts for the corridor. Attendees learned about traffic study findings and how those results informed the preliminary concepts. Using large roll out plans, attendees

What If…? Traffic Analysis of Central Broadway

When planning a transformative project like the Central Broadway Streetscape Improvements Project, hypothetical questions of “what if…” come up often.  Thankfully, through traffic analysis, many “what if” questions can actually be answered.  Over the past decade, traffic analysis software has improved drastically, allowing engineers to create virtual 3D models and simulations of possible streetscapes using

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