What If…? Traffic Analysis of Central Broadway

When planning a transformative project like the Central Broadway Streetscape Improvements Project, hypothetical questions of “what if…” come up often.  Thankfully, through traffic analysis, many “what if” questions can actually be answered.  Over the past decade, traffic analysis software has improved drastically, allowing engineers to create virtual 3D models and simulations of possible streetscapes using

Somerville by Design: Winter Hill – Initial Small Business Perspectives on Central Broadway

In the run-up to the kickoff of the Somerville by Design: Winter Hill neighborhood planning process happening in fall 2014, OSPCD conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with a sample of businesses, along with other key stakeholders, in the Central Broadway corridor to complement our community engagement work on Mindmixer, an online engagement tool to solicit input

Learning How You Experience Central Broadway

Following the April 16 public meeting, the Central Broadway Streetscape Improvements Project team continued the dialogue with community members through the Somerville by Design MindMixer platform.  Project staff asked questions and surveyed opinions about safety, travel, project priorities, and life along Central Broadway. The format brought out general comments on aesthetics and safety that will

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