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Following the April 16 public meeting, the Central Broadway Streetscape Improvements Project team continued the dialogue with community members through the Somerville by Design MindMixer platform.  Project staff asked questions and surveyed opinions about safety, travel, project priorities, and life along Central Broadway.

The format brought out general comments on aesthetics and safety that will help to inform our vision for the project, as well as more specific site based concerns.  As can be seen in the results, constituents primarily expressed concerns surrounding pedestrian and bicycling safety. For example, commenters voiced the need for improved crosswalks, pedestrian signals, and better enforcement of traffic rules, such as “No Turn on Red.”  Approximately half of the respondents indicated that they most frequently drive along Central Broadway, while the other half walk, bike, and use transit. Using the interactive map feature, users were able to post comments and suggestions at specific locations, such as “traffic light at Central Street and Broadway intersection” and “light-up pedestrian crossing sign” at Bartlett Street and Broadway.

Though this first round of questions is now closed, anyone may view the results and comments made on all the topics. The project team will post new discussion topics over the next several weeks to keep the discussion going. One of the great benefits of the platform is the ability of users to interact with one another and with project team members. Ideas and comments can even be given a rating and then sorted based upon those ratings, allowing the project team to see which ideas are highly supported by the community. The Somerville by Design MindMixer allows the community to virtually voice their opinions and ideas and stay involved in the planning process, even when individuals cannot attend public meetings. To sign up, go to http://mindmixer.somervillebydesign.com/.

Thanks to all who contributed to the conversation and provided feedback.   The project team is reviewing and incorporating posted comments (as well as all meeting feedback) into the first design concepts. Stay tuned to learn about the next steps of the process and how you can stay involved!  If you have comments or suggestions in the meantime, please get in touch.

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