Davis Square Charrette: Day 2


The rain did not slow us down or dampen our spirits on Day 2. Members of the community, business and property owners, city planners and consultants all took part in breakout sessions ranging from transportation to parks and open space.

The parks and open space discussion yielded a productive discussion and suggestions about exploring private/public partnerships that could be developed to help maintain the square’s parks, public plazas, and traffic islands. Participants were very interested in the stewardship of public space in the square and also talked about the importance of activating public spaces with positive, programmed activities. The conversation frequently focused on the Seven Hills park area which participants felt was badly maintained, underutilized, disconnected from the square, but an excellent space for a permanent performance venue and/or a cluster of food trucks.

The last session, What Davis Square Can Do Right Now, addressed the potential for quick solutions using tactical urbanism and pulled a large contingent of visitors to the pop-up plaza into a discussion about similar types of interventions that could be carried out in Davis.

Two bits of info…

  1. The pop-up plaza is in full swing and will be around through Wednesday at 9PM.
  2. Please join us TONIGHT (Wednesday, September 11th) at the Davis Square Theatre (enter at Saloon) for the pin-up presentation at 7:30PM.

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