Davis Square Charrette: Day 3


The third and final day of the Somerville by Design: Davis Square Charrette was a busy one for the project team. The design studio was “closed” as designers and City staff worked together to turn ideas generated by business operators, land owners, and local residents into conceptual sketches that were displayed at a “Pin-Up” presentation in the evening. The pin-up presentation covered all of the ideas generated (and we stress all of the ideas) from previous meetings and two full days of stakeholder sessions for public comment on the work-in-progress. The project team explained forty ideas to the 150+ person crowd that joined us at the Davis Square Theatre and answered questions one on one after the presentation.

Feedback was gathered from the crowd on site, but more importantly those that could not attend the pin-up will be able to submit comments on each idea online as we roll out blog posts coving the ideas in detail in the coming weeks.

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